Revealing Remitabit, the first remittance specific P2P digital asset, a transaction free service backed by 100% liquid reserves in conjunction with institutional partners and national currencies.



This video, defines the market and the moral obligation we have to free remitters from exploitation.


Our Mantra

Serving migrant workers by offering; zero fees, zero volatility, zero risk instant remittances inclusive of interest bearing decentralised deposits for the unbanked.

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We recognise the importance of banks and governments, we believe that banks will exist into the foreseeable future and if digital assets are going to realise their full potential, banks and governments are fundamental to their acceptance.

Our vision is for peer2peer to replace central facilitators whilst working with banks to enable local liquidity and security of customer funds.

Passionate Futurists

We see an extraordinary future where innovative business models combined with decentralised technologies redefine financial systems.

We see a world where inefficient central facilitators are eliminated by peer2peer transmission of assets, where derived savings result in the true value of remittances reaching those that need it most.


Our Commitment

To respect regulations, KYC and AML requirements beyond those stipulated by varying regulations whilst respecting personal privacy.

We believe the narrative must move from anonymity to privacy yet support interrogation under judicial demand.

Based on business not speculation

Whereas today in the digital economy the value of the latest crypto asset is dependent on the hype that can be stirred up around the technology, Remitabit is focused on growing a sustainable business model that logically results in appreciation of the core asset.


Value Propositions

Core to Remitabit are the value propositions we offer remitters, their families, traders, our banking partners and the countries we serve.


To Senders

We offer convenient, instant transmission, zero volatility, transaction fee free remittances supported by 100% liquid reserves by receiving banks and unique models where understanding and savings will grow in order to improve the lives of our constituents.


To Receivers

With banking partners we offer receivers immediate, national access to conversion of digital currencies using SMS, App and Web interfaces.


To Traders

We offer friction free trading between remittance currencies and the core asset, enabling rapid decentralised trading protecting traders from dependence on the integrity of a centralised exchange


To Banks

We offer a means by which early adopters can benefit from first mover advantage and lay claim to their country's inbound remittances, digital peer2peer efficiency, increased deposits with the added incentive that their innovative digital network facilitates efficient transactions across a new and expanding base of customers.


To Governments

We offer integrated support with national currencies, improving efficiencies without destabilizing the objectives of central banks.


To All

We offer all of this as a free service to all participants.